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Legal and business servicesAn ante-nuptial or post-nuptial, as some refer to it, is a legal and binding contract, in written format entered between spouses before they get married. There are certain formalities that need to be attended to when executing the contract. It further needs to be registered. A Notary public would attend to those formalities. If you have not executed your marriage contract correctly, then you need to enter into a post-nuptial contract. However you can only do so with the consent of the High Court to change your matrimonial property regime. Approaching the High Court is a very expensive and long process, which is best to avoid.  Therefore, execute your prenuptial contract with us today to avoid any disappointments.

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Our Ante-nuptial contract services

Experience taught us the many people leave this important aspect of their marriage until the very last. This is not a good idea as you do not want to rush into this. We offer professional and confidential advice to clients on the legal aspects in relation to ante-nuptial contracts. We would further draft your prenuptial contract and arrange with a notary public to execute and register it. All at your convenience.

What does our prenuptial service include?

A legal consultation or service with us in relation to ante-nuptial contracts may include:

  • Advice on the various matrimonial property regimes;
  • The law on ante-nuptial contracts;
  • Drafting your customised ante-nuptial contract which you and your spouse are happy with; and
  • Execution of your prenuptial contract with a Notary Public.

We want to make sure that you know what you are getting yourself in, as the agreement would regulate the proprietary aspect, for the entire duration of your marriage. This is the most important and referred to document, during your marriage. Knowing the law always brings piece of mind. And with us, family matters.

Therefore, if you require, or are interested in obtaining legal advice on ante-nuptial contracts, or in search of further information about prenuptial contracts, feel free to contact us to set up a consultation. We would provide you with quality, friendly, and confidential legal advice and services.

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