Free DIY Urgent Child Contact Toolkit for mothers and Fathers


Free DIY Urgent Child Contact Toolkit for mothers and Fathers

This Free DIY Urgent Child Contact Starter Toolkit Guide is provided free of charge to the public by Our Lawyer (Pty) Ltd. This DIY Urgent Contact Toolkit Guide may not always be available on and further, may in the future be available at a fee where additional information and resources would be included.

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We hope you find this Starter Toolkit useful.


Scope of this Urgent Child Contact Toolkit

This urgent child contact toolkit relates to an Urgent Child Contact Application in the Western Cape High Court and may not follow the practice in other Jurisdictions. Furthermore, the various lower courts have their own formats, practices and rules.
This Free DIY Child Contact Starter Toolkit is only basic, and in no way, should it be accepted that the documents and information it contains and/or connected and / linked to are correct, and maybe solely relied upon. Independent legal advice should be obtained before making use of this guide in instituting court proceedings.
When drafting, and completing the Urgent Notice of Motion and Founding Affidavit, make sure you verify with a legal practitioner and/or the Registrar of the court that you followed the correct format and procedure.
Attached hereto you would find the following documents in this Free Urgent Child Contact Starter Toolkit Guide to assist you in starting the Court process.
1. Urgent Contact Guide (Drafted by Adv. Muhammad Abduroaf);
2. Notice of Motion; and
3. Founding Affidavit.
For Urgent Contact and other legal services, feel free to contact. We would advise you on your rights and process and refer you to an attorney, if necessary.

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