Last Will and Testament


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Last Will and Testament

Everyone should ensure that they have a valid last will and testament executed. What this means, is that all formalities in relation to drafting the will have been adhered to. This includes the age of the witnesses as well as ensuring that witnesses are not heirs. Furthermore, you need to ensure that you dealt with all assets of your estate in your will. If you do not do so, then part of your estate may be distributed intestate to persons not mentioned in your will.

Our Last will and testament drafting service

We offer a range of convenient family law-related services at a fixed price. The price we quote is the price you pay, with no hidden extra additional costs to you.  Drafting your last Will and Testament are one of those services. The costs of  our Last Will and Testament Drafting  service is R 4500 – 00 per will This fee includes the following:

  • Legal Advice Consultation; and
  • The drafting of your Last Will