Thank you for choosing to purchase our very own Business Professional Starter Pack. This would assist you as an entrepreneur to set up and go in no time. It comprises of the basic components needed to start your professional business, with guidance at the start from a business advisor. It is not just a company registration service, but much more. All this is bundled up at a cost of R 1 499 – 00. With us you will be in business in no time.

The Business SA Professional Starter Pack comprises of the following:

  • A 30 minute business consultation with one of our business  representatives, advising you on how to start your business, and also to answer any basic start-up questions you may have. If a face to face consultation is not possible, or not convenient for the client, then it may be substituted with a telephonic consultation, or email communication.
  • The name reservation with CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission) of your new private company, as well as the actual registration thereof. This is where the actual journey begins. We do all the paper work for you, and submit them to CIPC.
  • Once your private company is registered, we shall provide you with your registration documents so you can start operating your company immediately.
  • Please note that additional services, for example, share certificates, inaugural minutes, company register etc, is not included in the product. These services may be purchased as add on products at any time. Speak to us.


Business Consultation

The business consultation is with one of our business representatives, advising you on how to start-up your business, and also to answer any basic start-up questions you may have. Here we will collect all relevant information from you to give effect to the service. We will obtain all information required by CIPC, if not yet provided. If a face to face consultation is not possible or convenient, a telephonic one can be arranged or the process can all be done via email.

Company Registration

You would have to provide us with 4 (four) proposed names for your company. We would then submit those names to CIPC. The name that is reserved would be registered. When we register your company, you would be required to sign, provide and return all necessary documents within 24 hours of receipt from us (example Power of Attorney to our representative). These documents would either have been created by us, or provided by CIPC.

We also require a recent (not more than two months old) certified copy of your identity document (both sides if you have the ID card) which you should provide to us at the business consultation, or before. Once your company is registered, we would provide you with all the registration documents.