My child is 22 years old, do I still have a legal obligation to pay child maintenance?

I need to know, when does a parent’s obligation to pay child maintenance end? Paying child maintenance, or maintaining their child, is the legal obligation of every parent. A parent does not have a choice in this matter. However, the level and standard of contribution are dependent on the means of the parent. In this article, we will look at the aspect of when does child maintenance come to an end. In this regard, we will look at two situations, one where there is a maintenance order in place and the other where there is not. However, before proceeding with those issues, let us first deal with the issue of who should pay child maintenance. Pay child maintenance according to your means The law expects a parent to provide child support according to their respective memes. What this entails, is that a parent should only pay what he or she I want to learn more

Parental responsibilities and care during the coronavirus lockdown in South Africa – The uncertain questions that cannot and should not be answered today

  Updated: 16 April 2020 New regulations have been issued on 16 April 2020. Click on the link below: The material change is that you do not have to have a court order or a parental responsibilities and rights agreement or parenting plan, registered with the family advocate. Possession of a birth certificate or certified copy of a birth certificate is now also allowed. Update: 07 April 2020 NEW LOCKDOWN REGULATIONS REGARDING THE MOVEMENT OF CHILDREN – CERTAIN PARENTS MAY MOVE CHILDREN DURING THE NATIONAL LOCKDOWN PERIOD (7 April 2020) What separated and divorced parents should think about prior to the coronavirus lockdown With the world working towards eradicating the spreading of the coronavirus, South Africans are going to be placed on lockdown from 11:59 on Thursday 26 March 2020. This will endure for a period of 21 (twenty-one) days. This is what President Cyril Ramaphosa announced yesterday on national I want to learn more

Successful Child Maintenance Appeal before the Full Bench Argued by Adv M Abduroaf

There is a Legal Responsibility on the Maintenance Magistrate and Maintenance Officer to actively partake and ensure that all relevant information is before the Court in a Maintenance Enquiry. On 16 May 2019, Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf flew up from Cape Town to Port Elisabeth to argue a Child Maintenance Appeal. The Appeal was before the Full Bench of the Eastern Cape Division of the High Court of South Africa, held in Grahamstown. It is the case of N v M (CA127/2018) [2019] ZAECGHC 73.  The Judges were Acting Justice S Rugumanan, and Justice I T Stretch. Advocate Abduroaf was instructed by Nicole Lawrence Attorneys of Cape Town. The appeal was argued on 17 May 2019. The Court increased the maintenance from R 1000 – 00 per month to R 5000 – 00 with costs. A 500 percent increase. The case showcases the responsibilities of the Maintenance Magistrate and Maintenance Officer I want to learn more

Over 3000 legal questions and answers on Our Lawyer’s Website

Our Lawyer’s website has over 3000, yes three thousand legal advice questions and answers. No wonder this website keeps appearing when searching for family law and related matters. If you have not browsed through this website before; now is the time. You will find useful information and relevant articles. These articles relate to various aspects of family law and related matters. For example, child maintenance, child custody, divorce and so on. You would also find interesting articles relating to relocation as well as passport applications for minor children where consent is refused. Therefore, it is an authoritative website on family law. Furthermore, it is fast and secure. With over 3000 comments and answers on this website, why not go ahead and post your legal question today for free. Read an article you find interesting, and then leave a comment below. It is as easy as that. Anyone may respond to I want to learn more

5 things everyone should know prior to engaging in litigation in South Africa

Are you intending on taking someone to court? Have you been sued? Do you require some basic advice on litigation from an experienced advocate? If you answered yes once, this article is for you. Picture outside the Western Cape High Court in Cape Town We asked Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf to provide our readers with some simple and basic information on how to conduct themselves in court litigation. He holds a decade and a half of litigation experience. Who better to ask than him? Learn more about Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf by reading the article, ADVOCATE OF THE HIGH COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA. Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf: I appeared in court countless amount of times for clients I represented. Furthermore, I drafted thousands of legal documents for them. This I did for litigants as they obviously do not have the necessary skills and experience to do it themselves. Often when a client meets with I want to learn more

Get the best out of your pending divorce case – Tips and Tricks for divorcing couples.

Divorces – Is it possible to increase my chances of getting a fair outcome? Here are some Tips and Tricks to assist you. Divorce cases can be straightforward or riddled with issues. Not only legal issues but also emotional issues, especially when there are children involved. What about the proprietary aspects of your marriage? Well, that is the easy bit. If parties are married in community of property, there should not be much to argue about. The law is the law. Each party should get what the law says they are entitled to – in this case, an equal division of the joint estate. Click here to find out how to attend to your own unopposed divorce. Divorces should be straightforward and simple, but this is not always the case. In our view, the simplest divorce would be when the couple married with an ante-nuptial contract. They excluded community of I want to learn more

Child Maintenance Applications, investigation, preparation and enquiries – What you need to know, and more

Child Maintenance Applications, investigation, preparation and enquiries – What you need to know, and more. Everything you need to know when making a maintenance application at the maintenance court. This includes the filing of the complaint, up until the formal enquiry before a magistrate. The internet is well-stocked with information written by Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf regarding child maintenance applications and related issues. As he gains more experience and sees the law develop, so does he publish and spread the invaluable knowledge. However, having all that information on different webpages is not forward-thinking. Therefore, we needed to do something about it. We, therefore, decided to provide this lengthy child maintenance application online post which provides practical information from start to finish. Let us begin. Child Maintenance and Applications – How does it work? Parents must pay child maintenance according to their means. So, if a child’s expenses each month is R I want to learn more

The Online Divorce – I want to get divorced now, but I want to do it online. Is it at all possible?

Can technology be used to have me divorced online? I do not want to go to court or see my spouse again. Is an online divorce possible? When a marriage breaks down, people naturally would want information on the topic of divorces and the legal process. For this, they usually go online to find answers. This information they seek could include, how divorces works, the process and how long it takes. Of course, if there are minor children involved, parents would want to know what the parental rights and responsibilities are as well. This relates to issues of care, contact, child maintenance etc. Then there is the issue of proprietary rights. In other words who gets what assets or money if there is a joint estate. This article, however, deals with the issue regarding whether or not a couple’s divorce can be done online? Two main aspects of a divorce I want to learn more

10 questions parents usually ask Our Lawyer when it comes to custody and care issues regarding their minor children

Frequently asked questions when it comes to parental responsibilities and rights of parents having issues or difficulties in co-caring for their children. As things evolve, so does the legal question surrounding child custody, contact and care. For example, not too long ago, children were generally seen as best being cared for by mothers as opposed to fathers. Fathers would usually get custody if the mother was incapable of caring for a child. Now the law focuses solely on what is best for the child under specific circumstances. Therefore, it often happens that primary care is awarded to fathers where there are no social welfare issues involved. Moreover, a lot of attention is given to the voice of the child. This depends on the child’s age and level of maturity. We decided to answer various popular questions on parental rights and responsibilities when it comes to children. Below are 11 popular I want to learn more

Advocate of the High Court of South Africa – Eastern Cape, Free State, Guateng, KwaZulu-Natal

Advocate of the High Court of South Africa – The Advocate’s Profession in South Africa   Let us ask advocate Muhammad Abduroaf a few questions South African law has recently changed when it comes to advocates. Now it is possible for advocates to obtain trust accounts which were impossible in the past. By doing so, they would be allowed to take instructions directly from the public. In other words, the client does not first need to see an attorney. Here the Legal Practice Act No. 28 of 2014 comes into play. More than a year has elapsed since the Act has been operating in full swing.   Further below, we tapped into the experience of Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf, a practising advocate of the High Court of South Africa. He gives us some insight into the advocate profession. Although his office is located in Cape Town, he appeared and represented clients I want to learn more

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