Legal Adoption Process – South Africa

Adoption Law in South Africa The Child Care Act forms the foundation of the Adoption Law and is very much adhered when following through with the adoption process. The ultimate objectives of the Children’s Act is to: Protect the social and emotional well-being of a child. To implement structures within a community that can care and protect the child. To ensure that no child goes through starvation, abuse, exploitation and so forth. To ensure that the public (adults) are not taking advantage/exploiting or inflicting physical harm onto a child. For free, expert legal advice on the Children’s Act, read our legal piece on The Law Regarding Children – The Children’s Act 38 of 2005. Feel free to call our law offices on 021 424 3487 for an online appointment for a professional legal consultation today. Baby adoption process We often don’t know where to start when it comes to child adoption. I want to learn more

Child Custody – South Africa

How do you go about getting custody of a child? Gaining child custody can be a dreadful legal battle as parents often make irrational decisions based on their own emotions and not that of their child/children.  Often, the legal expert will be referring to the Children’s Act as a guideline to the way forward. The focus of the Children’s Act however, is on the child’s rights rather than the rights of parents and highlights the best interest of the child. In turn, the legal expert will guide the parents along the way should parents be too self-absorbed in the tension and conflict of a divorce.  Our legal consultancy boast a well experienced, professional, family legal expert who will be advising you through the process.   For more details on how to gain child custody, click on the articles below which contain free, expert legal advice: How do I get full custody I want to learn more

Maintenance Defaulters – Cape Town

Failure to comply with a maintenance order First of all, what is a maintenance order? A maintenance order is a direct instruction from the court to the parent, to pay child maintenance/child support. Maintenance defaulters very seriously and therefore, failure to comply with the order is classified as a criminal charge. This implies that the order is legally enforceable – in other words, the court can, and will intervene. The defaulting parent can therefore lay a criminal charge at the court after they have applied for a maintenance order at the Magistrates Court. Maintenance Court Procedure Every local area will have its own magistrate’s court which is also a maintenance court that deal with maintenance legal matters. You may visit your closest magistrate’s court in which the maintenance officer will advise you as to what to bring along. When trying to claim for maintenance or apply for an order, you I want to learn more

Ante-Nuptial Contracts/Prenuptial Contracts- Cape Town

Ante Nuptial Contract meaning Ante Nuptial Contract is a legal document that stipulates how assets will be dealt with in the event of death or a divorce. Our Lawyer Pty Ltd is a family legal consultancy that have dealt with family legal matters over years. In addition to this, we offer professional, expert legal advice and we are professional legal drafters legal documents. Feel free to call our law offices today and have our friendly receptionist make an online appointment for you for a professional legal consultation. Ante Nuptial Contract without Accrual When being married in community of property, no ANC is required and this can be dangerous for both parties. When a couple decides to enter marriage without an ANC, they will automatically be married in community of property – meaning both parties will have equal right to each other’s assets and there is a joint estate. On the I want to learn more

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