Divorce – Cape Town

Divorce Court Cape Town Divorce is an emotional, whip-lashing experience for every family. Each divorce is governed by its own set of rules and values. Many times, the manner in which a divorce is settled is influenced by tradition and religion. Having said that, a Hindu couple for instance, may get married by a Priest and a Muslim couple may get married by an Imam. Even so, due to the complex nature of child custody and child maintenance matters, these couples may have to settle matters in court. Divorces are most likely to take place in the High Court.  This can be a dreadful, costly process – needless to say a legal drag caused by pending divorces on court rolls waiting to go on trial. Fortunately, the Regional Court of the Magistrate Court also deals with divorces which lessens the divorce cases dealt by the High Court. Uncontested divorce in I want to learn more

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