Free DIY Urgent Holiday Contact Court Application Tools

FREE DIY ONLINE TOOLS TO GET URGENT CONTACT TO YOUR CHILD DURING THE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS The end of year holiday season is upon us. This is the time for families to come together and re-establish family bonds. It is also the time of year where many parents who are separated, or not living together, fight over aspects of contact to their children. Often times, a parent would be refused contact to his or her child for no good reason. This is not in the child’s best interests. We believe that children have a right to spend quality time with both his or her parents irrespective of what type of relationship the parents have amongst themselves. This way of thinking aids the minor child’s emotional and psychological development. With regard to how much quality time should a parent receive; this depends on the facts of the case. However, the deciding factor I want to learn more

I am not happy with the Maintenance Order granted by the Maintenance Court. Can I Appeal a Maintenance Judgment?

What do I do if I am not happy with the maintenance court judgment? Is it possible to appeal it? If yes, what are the steps and laws involved?   Child maintenance or child support is the right of every child. It is not only a legal right, but a moral duty on all parents to adequately care and provide for their children. Unfortunately, not all parents uphold their duty and responsibility to adequately maintain their offspring. This is a very sad reality. If this is the case, a parent having primary care needs to approach the Maintenance Court for a Maintenance Order against the other parent. This would force the parent neglecting his or her child to pay child support. You may also consider reading the following articles on maintenance court appeals: What do I do if I am not happy with the maintenance court’s ruling? Is it possible I want to learn more

Maintenance: What a mother did to force the father to pay child support after 5 years

Child Maintenance Saga: How a mother forced the father of her child to pay child maintenance after battling for 5 years Maintenance Saga: When Jill was 17 years old, she met Jack. He was much older than her, working, and very charming. Jill was in her final year of high school and in love with Jack. One thing led to another, and Jill fell pregnant with his child. When she told Jack the good news, he asked her to have an abortion. She refused. Jack was then out of the picture and nowhere to be found. She did not know where he stayed, nor did she have his work details. All she had was his mobile number. This number was useless as he blocked her. The furthest thing from her mind at the time was the issue of child maintenance. Parents finding out Needless to say, things did not go I want to learn more

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