What happens in a custody dispute where one parent is mentally ill?

Parents with Psychiatric disorders No parent is perfect. And no one can help it if they suffer from some psychological disorder. However, when it comes to parenting, mental health does play a role regarding the issue of child custody. In other words, a parent with a psychological disorder would find it hard to be a child’s primary care giver, if the child would best be cared for by the other parent. This is assuming that the other parent in this case is capable of caring for the child. This article is connected to the topic Child Custody and Visitation Court Applications. It may be useful to read up on it before proceeding to read further. Otherwise, read on to find out more about parental child abuse and the legal aspects surrounding it. When should you consult with a lawyer? Seeing that you are dealing with parental rights and responsibilities, it I want to learn more

Relocate with minor child. Parent Refusing Consent for a Passport

Parent Refusing Relocation, and Passport Application for Minor Child Often times, a parent would want to travel overseas, relocate or emigrate, and take the child with. However, the practical aspects thereof are not that easy. For starters, your child requires a passport. And what does the law say about passports of a minor child? As you would see later, both parents holding parental responsibilities and rights of guardianship should consent to a minor child obtaining a passport. That is a requirement in Law. But let’s say your child already has a passport. Can you still take your minor child out of the country or relocate? Yes, you can, as long as you have the consent of the other parent. This article does not only apply to parents of minor children who are not married to each other or separated. It applies to all parents of children holding parental responsibilities and I want to learn more

Changing your Matrimonial Property Regime Questions and Answers

Changing your Matrimonial Property Regime Questions and Answers We introduced this Changing your Matrimonial Property Regime Questions and Answers page for you to post questions you may have on the topic. For example, if you want to know whether you should change your matrimonial property regime, pose a question with some background facts. At the same time, should you be able to assist others who posted questions below, requiring some advice on Changing your Matrimonial Property Regime, please proceed and reply to their comments. In that manner, we would all be able to assist each other and increase our online knowledge base. Therefore, although we a are legal consultancy, specialising in family law, you may have problems or experiences that we have not encountered. Let us share in our knowledge of Changing your Matrimonial Property Regime.   Other family law resources on this website There are various other family law I want to learn more

Property Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Are you intending to purchase property? Do you have a property registration related question? If so, feel free to post it below. What are the documents required for land registration? What is registration of property? Are property deeds public record? How long does it take for a bond to be registered at the deeds office? What are the documents need to be checked before buying a plot? Is will to be registered? What is Khata Certificate and Khata Extract? Do daughters have right father’s property? What is the definition of a vacant house? How can I get a copy of the deed to my house? What does it mean if your name is on the deed to a house? What is a first registration? What is the deeds office? What is will of a property? Do Wills need to be recorded? What is a Khata certificate? What is encumbrance certificate I want to learn more

Father’s Parental Responsibilities and Rights to his Child

Confirming a father’s Parental Responsibilities and Rights to his Child In the past, the terms Custody and Access was used in relation to the rights of parents to children. Now the terms Care and Contact are used. The term visitation may also be mentioned as well. According to the Children’s Act of 2005, both parents have full parental responsibilities and rights in relation to a child. There are however certain exceptions.  If there is a dispute regarding that, then the father may have to make an application to the High Court confirming his responsibilities and rights and enforcing them. This can turn out to be a costly affair. You may do it yourself.  If, however, a father has to take that route, it is strongly suggested that he gets hold of an attorney. – Adv. Muhammad Abduroaf LL.B LL. M – Advocate of the High Court of South Africa. The I want to learn more

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