Free DIY Online Tools to get Divorced, apply for Child Maintenance, and other Free Legal Resources

Free DIY Online Tools to get Divorced, apply for Child Maintenance, and other Free Legal Resources Knowing the law is one thing, but knowing how to enforce and apply it, is another story. We all know that parents should pay child support; the law says so. But what do you do if a parent refuses to pay? This page provides assistance in three (3) aspects of family law. The first is regarding Divorce, then Child Maintenance, and the other, is that of contact to your child during the holiday season. We do advise that you make use of the services of a legal practitioner to assist you in your divorce matter or application for contact to your child. However, legal services costs money, which is not always available. Should you decide to make use of the resources provided in this post, and this website, we strongly advise that you obtain I want to learn more

Registering your Ante-Nuptial Contract – Cape Town

Registering Ante Nuptial Contract First of all, it is crucial to note that if you get married without an Ante Nuptial Contract, you are automatically married in community of property. But what exactly is the purpose of having an ANC? An ANC is an agreement in black and white between two parties before entering into marriage. The agreement stipulates how assets will be dealt with in the event of divorce or death. Having an ante nuptial contract benefits you in the following ways: Debt incurred by the other party, will not be affect you financially due to the ANC in place. The ANC can be drafted and tailored according to your circumstances so you can get the most out it. The ANC allows the parties to remain separate in estates. Parties will not need each other’s consent in financial dealings. Parties can maintain their own financial independence. To have your I want to learn more

Passport Application of a Minor Child and Consent – Department of Home Affairs

Passport Applications for minor children: What you need to know – Department of Home Affairs – Questions  and Answers Should you require any advice on an application for a passport of a minor, where the co-parent refuses to consent or co-operate;  feel free to set up a consultation with us. You may call 0211110090 or click here to do it online. Leaving South Africa, and visiting another country is something many people do on a daily basis. The reason, therefore, could either be for a holiday, business, a death in the family, and so on. Or it might be to relocate to another country to start a new life, either alone, or with your spouse or children. Whatever the reason is, you require a passport when leaving South Africa. For an adult, all you need to do is visit your nearest Department of Home Affairs Offices, with proof of identity, I want to learn more

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