I feel that the High Court granted an unfair child custody order. Is there anything I can do to challenge the Court’s decision?

Can a parent appeal a child custody order granted by the High Court or Children’s Court? In resolving disputes regarding child custody or guardianship (parental rights and responsibilities) matters, a court will usually be approached. The court is also the upper guardian of all minor children within its area of jurisdiction. A parent or interested party may approach the Children’s Court or the High Court when it comes to parental rights regarding a minor child. The High Court, however, has greater jurisdiction when it relates to issues associated with guardianship rights. As demonstrated below, the courts’ decisions may be reviewed by a higher court. However, before approaching the court, the parties should first try to resolve the matter through entering into a parenting plan. How are child custody court proceedings initiated? A parent or interested party would make an application to the court. In the High Court, this would be I want to learn more

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