10 questions parents usually ask Our Lawyer when it comes to custody and care issues regarding their minor children

Frequently asked questions when it comes to parental responsibilities and rights of parents having issues or difficulties in co-caring for their children. As things evolve, so does the legal question surrounding child custody, contact and care. For example, not too long ago, children were generally seen as best being cared for by mothers as opposed to fathers. Fathers would usually get custody if the mother was incapable of caring for a child. Now the law focuses solely on what is best for the child under specific circumstances. Therefore, it often happens that primary care is awarded to fathers where there are no social welfare issues involved. Moreover, a lot of attention is given to the voice of the child. This depends on the child’s age and level of maturity. We decided to answer various popular questions on parental rights and responsibilities when it comes to children. Below are 11 popular I want to learn more

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