Advocate of the High Court of South Africa

Western Cape High Court and Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf For those who do not know, Cape Town boasts the seat of the Western Cape High Court, the Highest Court of Law in the Western Cape.  Therefore, most major court cases makes its way to Cape Town.  This could either be due to the nature of the court case, or that a decision is being appealed and has to be heard in the Western Cape High Court. For that very reason, you will find many law offices in Cape Town.  These offices could either belong to a legal practitioner, who is an attorney or an advocate. Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf One such legal practitioner, is Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf whose chambers (offices) are very close to the Western Cape High Court. Academically, he holds an LL.B Degree (Bachelor of Laws Degree), as well as an LL.M Degree (Master of Laws Degree). As to the amount of years he I want to learn more

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