Muslim Marriages – President given two years by the High Court to Enact Legislation to recognise Muslim Marriages

Victory for Muslim Marriages in South Africa – Court gives the State 2 (two) years to enact legislation [Re-post] On 31 August 2018, the Western Cape High Court handed down a ground-breaking judgment. In effect, it Orders the State to prepare, initiate, introduce, enact, and bring into operation, diligently, and without delay, legislation to recognise Muslim marriages. The High Court gave the State exactly two (2) years to attend to the latter process. This two (2) years would only be suspended if the matter is taken to the Constitutional Court. However, should the matter not be taken to the Constitutional Court for final determination, and the State does not enact the legislation, then by default, Muslim marriages may be dissolved in accordance with the Divorce Act 70 of 1979. Therefore, it is up to the State to action matters urgently. Download a Copy of the Judgment by clicking here. How I want to learn more

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