Can a step-parent legally adopt their step-child? What are the rights of the biological parents after the adoption took place?

What are the legal implications of a step-parent adopting a child in South Africa? Is it possible and  what are the rights of the biological parents? It often happens that a couple marries and there are step-children involved. A spouse would therefore have a child from a previous relationship. The previous relationship could either have been a marriage or just a romantic experience. Sometimes, the step-parent would want to adopt the child, affording him or her legal rights and responsibilities over the child. This is the case, even if the other parent is still alive and in the picture. It may happen that a parent is not much involved in a child’s life and would not mind that the other parent who cares for the child have his or her spouse adopt the child. By doing so, the child would have the step-parent’s surname. The responsibility towards the child would I want to learn more

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