Divorce – There is no reason why your divorce should not be friendly and uncontested.

Uncontested divorces – Notice of Set Down for undefended and uncontested divorce matters – The document used to place your divorce on the divorce court roll Undefended, unopposed or uncontested divorce cases are what all divorcing couples should strive towards. If the marriage broke down completely and there is no possibility of saving it, then why fight any longer? If both parties act fairly, there is no need to spend thousands of Rands on legal fees. That money can be used on starting a new life. If there are minor children involved, then the money saved in avoiding litigation can be used on them. At the end of the day, no one really benefits from a long drawn out or protracted contested divorce process. What is the simplest divorce? The simplest divorce is when the parties are married out of community of property and profit and loss, with the exclusion I want to learn more

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