Evictions during level 3 Alert Level – Are evictions allowed during the National Lockdown?

Is my landlord allowed to evict me and my family during the National Lockdown if we cannot pay our rent? What are my legal rights considering COVID-19? We are today experiencing day 99 of the South Africa national lockdown. Many people are out of work, and unable to pay their rent, mortgage bonds and so on. COVID-19 came with it a lot of challenges and drastically affected everyone’s lives. During this period, Our Lawyer received many queries regarding the eviction of people from their homes during the national lockdown. As people cannot pay their rent or monthly mortgage bond repayments, eviction is on many people’s minds. Commercial Rent Defaulters during the National Lockdown This article does not deal with the eviction from commercial property. For example, it would not apply to you if you are a business owner and cannot afford to pay your commercial rent. Here reference can be I want to learn more

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