Testimonials – Felicity An Guest

Testimonials from people who were assisted by Felicity An Guest Below are a few testimonials of people who were assisted by Felicity An Guest. To set up an advice consultation with her, please visit the link – Consult with Felicity An Guest 1. Felicity responds very fast Felicty’s response to my initial enquiry to meet was instantaneous. This was an oasis of relief after months of battling the maintenance court system with delayed responses and very little clarity despite laborious research.   Her passion for and understanding of maintenance law is formidable. Her experience allowed her to swiftly identify the core issues in my maintenance case based on the briefest summary. She immediately referenced sections from the Maintenance Act that were relevant to my case and allowed me to put a structured plan in place for the trial.  Felicity was professional and her conduct throughout our meeting was direct and informative, I want to learn more

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