Do your own Unopposed Divorce. No lawyers needed and its Free.

Do you own Divorce (DIY) No lawyers needed! If you want to get divorced from your spouse, I strongly advise that your approach a legal practitioner, or an attorney to attend to it on your behalf. This I would implore even more under the following circumstances: There will be a dispute over care and visitation rights over the child/children One of the parties will be applying for forfeiture of patrimonial benefits from a marriage in community of property; The joint estate is huge or complicated; or The other party will be making use of legal representation. If, however, you would like to know the general procedures on how to go about a divorce, they are listed summarily below. There are many rules that regulate divorce processes and the summary below does exclude certain of them. These include exceptions, strikeouts, compelling compliance, service addresses etc. Other matters incidental to divorce proceedings, I want to learn more

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