Our only daughter is deceased. Can the Court give us sole custody and guardianship over our only grandchild, even if the father is still alive? What does the law say?

Grandparent, Grandchildren, and the Law – Child Custody, Care and Guardianship The caregiving of minor children is in principle, supposed to be the joint responsibility of both parents. It took two parents to bring the child into this world. However, equal sharing of the responsibilities is not always the case. Often, in a case of separation, responsibilities changes. The child lives primarily with one parent, and the other parent has reasonable contact, or sometimes less or none. In the scenario of reasonable contact, the child is still cared for by both parents, but not equally. Read on more to find out what does Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf say about this topic. Equal caregiving of children There are however cases where caregiving is shared equally – where the child lives for one week with the mother and the other with the father. But that becomes sometimes impractical when the parents live far I want to learn more

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