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Child Maintenance Calculator

Calculating how much to claim as child maintenance or child support can sometimes be a headache. This may also be one reason why people do not proceed with an application for child maintenance or child support.  This is very sad.

Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf created a child support / child maintenance  calculator designed to assist persons to determine what the cost of their child or children are and to accumulate information relevant to an application for a Child Support / Child  Maintenance Order in South Africa. This is a very handy tool especially for those who are making an application for a  Child Support / Child Maintenance Order for the first time. It can also be used by person who has to pay  child support or child maintenance in determining what they can afford to pay as child support of child maintenance. Whenever Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf is  approached to assist in a child support of child maintenance matter, he always advises his clients to first fill in the child support / child maintenance calculator before he proceed with the maintenance matter.

Feel free to download a free copy of the child support / child maintenance calculator by clicking here: child support / child maintenance calculator.

If you would like a web preview of the child support / child maintenance calculator before downloading it, click here. It should assist you whether you reside in Cape Town or any other province in South Africa.

You can also download the free quick 3 step calculator by clicking here.

Kindly note that is it best consult with a legal practitioner or the maintenance court first before submitting any amounts in a maintenance matter.

Best of luck in using the child support / child maintenance calculator. If you want Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf to view a filled in calculator, it should be done via your attorney and a fee would be charged.

Kind regards,

Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf (Cape Town | Western Cape)

LL.B & LL.M (Master of Laws) Constitutional Litigation

Advocate of the High Court of South Africa

If you are looking for the contact details of Advocate Muhammad Abduroaf in Cape Town, they are as follows:
Chambers: 206 | 2nd Floor | 80 Stand Strand | Cape Town | Western Cape
Office: 021 811 7786 (Neotel)       Fax: 086 606 7786 (Fax to email)
Mobile.: 083 731 9816
Skype.: m.abduroaf
Email: litigation@ourlawyer.co.za

Download the Children's Act, click here.