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Legal problems can cause major headaches. This is more so in family law matters where there are children, a long history between the parties and heightened emotions in the equation. With all of this, the law gets added into the equation which lacks emotion and sensitivity. Therefore, going the South African Legal route may be very daunting for many; however, it does not need to be so.

We pride ourselves for providing in person, face to face, or virtual legal and business services locally, nationally, and internationally. Our online consultations enables you to save valuable time and cut straight to the chase. There is therefore no need for you to visit our offices (unless it is best for you to do so), you may set up telephonic or video (Skype / FaceTime) consultations should you wish. You can therefore stay in the office or couch when dealing with us.

• Our turnaround time is exceptional and service above industry standards.
• We are, physical, online, set-up and ready to meet with you. We have recently introduced our online consultation services in which you can set a consultation instantly. Click here.

We are looking forward to engaging with you.

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Are you unable to take off from your busy day at work to come meet with us? No problem. Our Lawyer accommodates for telephonic, Email, Online and Skype consultations. Our quick and easy online consultation services are available for your convenience. To set up a consultation, click here.

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